Review and Reflection

This is it, the end of the group project! I thought I’d take this last blog post to talk about the ups and downs of the group project, explaining what I would have done differently if the opportunity do it again was available.

Overall, I think the project went really well. The group I was in were amazing, no falls out, all good ideas, I can’t fault the guys, I think I’ve made friends for life out of this experience!

If I was to do the project again, I would love to have done more stuff that just the one event. We left the planning of the event quite late and I think we’re all to blame for that. Although the group work is not finished, it doesn’t mean we can’t still hold meme pre drinks, I for one would be very up for doing it again (as long as I don’t have to pay this time!). We could even hold an event like the first idea we planned, just a bunch of meme lovers meeting up for a good old chinwag and meme making session, I’d love that!

Thanks meme maker for making me more obsessed with memes than I was before, and I didn’t think that was even possible. It’s been a blast!

Let The Meme-ing and the Drinking Commence

So here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for, it is time for the event!

The one major thing we still needed to do was create our cocktails. I placed out 80 plastic cups on my kitchen table and got mixing the drinks.

Me and Oli being top bartenders

The first cocktail we created was the ‘Damn Vegetables’, taking it’s name from the famous Todd Flanders saying from ‘The Simpsons’. Vodka, amaretto, coconut rum, pimms, orange juice, tropical juice and cranberry juice made a murky orange mess, but it tasted good and matched Todd’s beautiful locks so we were happy with it!

We then made the classic John Cena, just vodka and lemonade. This see-through drink links in with the famous phrase “You can’t see me” from John Cena’s opening music. We were going to invite our guests in with a cup of air, but thought that was a bit mean.

Next up we had the angry pepe. Ameretto, coconut rum and apple and blackcurrant. This drink was definitely the best of the night, and I’m not afraid to admit I nearly shed a tear when they were all gone.

The drink in no way matches the feelings of this picture

With half bottles of spirits still left, we decided just to split them into the rest of the cups and make random cocktails, because we had ran out of ideas and were running low on time.

With our simpsons shirts on and our drinks ready, we eagerly waited everyones arrival.

kala is love, kala is life

A photo posted by ◇ plonk ◆ (@rxnniewood) on Mar 14, 2016 at 5:28pm PDT

When people started arriving, the party got going. We hit the party off by blasting an essential dank banger.


As the night went on, I asked everybody what their favourite memes were. I had a lot of different answers, but the majority of people seemed to say that doge was their favourite, and to be honest I can’t blame them.

so famus. so loved. many fans.

As the time went on and the drinks kept flowing, everybody seemed to be having a great time! The last person left my flat around 5.30 in the morning, and as I had an early group meeting the next morning, I thought there’s no point in me going to bed and I’ll just stay up. This is a mistake I will never make again. After gulping down a fair few pro plus and coffee’s, I felt right as rain, until I started getting major heart palpitations and realised I was having a caffeine overdose!

The next day was a right off for me, I could barely speak without running out of breath. The event itself was so successful but this had put a right downer on everything. Nevertheless, when I look back now, it really was a good night. I’m thinking about maybe making it a regular thing, although I wont be paying for the drink again!

Dank Pre Event Prep

As the pre drinks date was now finalised, it was time that we sorted out all the little details to make sure this event goes off with a bang!

The first thing on our lists to do was make a Facebook event. We did this so we could inform the people who had liked our page about the event, and so we could invite our own friends who are interested in memes along to the party (the more the merrier, ayy!)

The details for our pre drinks event, how could anybody resist?
The details for our pre drinks event, how could anybody resist?

It was then time to finalise the drinks options. When we thought about it logically, we’re students at the end of the day, and we don’t have a lot of money to be spending on alcohol for ourselves let alone a bunch of other people! We decided Lidl was the best alcohol bet, ahhh Lidl how good you are to us students!

One lovely afternoon, me and Oli met up and went alcohol mad. We got a bottle of vodka, a bottle of amaretto, a bottle of orange liqueur, some coconut rum, some pimms, litres upon litres of juices and plenty of cola and lemonade. We were feeling pretty happy with ourselves on our choice of beverages, until we realised we had to carry it back to my flat. I stupidly thought it would be a good idea to do my food shopping at the same time, so theres me trecking it through Filbert Car Park with 4 full to the top bags for life, fingers on both hands that were going a more vibrant shade of purple than violet beauregarde wondering if getting ran over by the speeding motorists would be a more enjoyable experience (1:00 – 1:38 of the video below is an exact replica of how I looked, no joke!)

But that was it, we were finally sorted. All we had to wait for then was an eager reply from Shia LeBeouf…

Group Meeting

The meme-ing is happening guys, it’s time!

The other day the group decided we should all meet up and make final plans for the event we are going to hold as a team. We all brainstormed ideas before we met up and decided to let as many ideas out as possible.

Now originally the plan for our group was to organise an event in which avid meme makers and people who are just generally interested in the experience could all meet up and discuss their favourite memes and make memes themselves, but we came up with an even better idea!

We thought we would hold a pre drinks event (cause after all, what’s more social than friends meeting up for a good old drinking sesh?) But with an added meme theme, meme cocktails. For the rest of the group meeting we found ourselves in stitches trying to plan these strange meme named concoctions, wondering to ourselves how on earth we’re going to get the money to pay for all this alcohol. We thought about buying some peppers and serving specific cocktails in them. We were going to call it the Ainsley Harriott, but we had a back to Earth moment and realised pepper tasting vodka would be a very expensive and disgusting mistake.

Further plans and finalised details will be made in the future. I have happily opened up my flat to be used as the pre drinks destination. I can’t wait to see how this event turns out!


US Politics Memes

Now those of you who have a political streak or have had to suffer listening to one of Trump’s viral idiotic rally speeches, you’ll know that the US politics scene has been hotting up recently. As the campaigns became stronger and stronger, what better way would the internet reply to these candidates other than making a meme out of them?

One of the best new memes that has risen over the last couple of weeks is Bernie vs. Hillary. The meme itself consists of two pictures, one of Bernie Sanders and the other of Hillary Clinton. At the top is a space for an issue to be entered, and the main humour of the meme is that Bernie’s answer is always well in depth and supports the mass view, whilst Hillary’s supposed view is negative or simply idiotic. Here’s a few of my favourite ones below:

Not only is Hillary Clinton getting stick, but Gazillionaire Donald Trump has been getting destroyed by the internet.

They’ve even gone as far as remixing his iconic “bing bong” truck speech into famous songs…

Oh internet, you’ve done it again!

My Favourite Memes

Keeping in with the meme theme, I thought I’d write a blog post explaining my favourite memes.

As you saw in the last post, I am a huge meme fan (if you still remember about the sad strawberry lace forever alone face please for the love of God try your best to forget). In terms of memes, I am a fan of both the old stereotypical text memes and the new, slightly confusing strange ones too!

Oh Dwight!

One of the ‘old-skool’ memes that I like are the Dwight Schrute memes. I just love the way they break down happy quotes and lyrics and put them into a realistic perspective in such a funny way. The first time I started enjoying these memes, I didn’t realise that Dwight was a character out of the US office. When I found this out, I thought I’d start watching the office to see if the memes were a reflection of the shows humour. Let’s just say I watched about 14 episodes in a day and now the US office is one of my favourite programmes of all time. I have a lot to thank this meme for, thanks Dwight!

You can’t escape the yoga pants

Another one of my favourites are the Buzz and Woody memes. It was around 2012 when I discovered these memes, and one event in particular gave me chance to make my very first meme. Anybody who used to follow the ‘generic’ boy accounts of Twitter in 2012 will remember the iconic Olly Reilly and @Rileyy_69 argument. It was just two boys have a little online scrap with one another, but for some reason the entire teenage population seemed it was their place to get involved in the argument. For hours I was scrolling down the timeline and every tweet was about their petty fight. So I did what I felt was right, it was meme making time. I logged onto quick meme and made a buzz and woody meme with the text “@Rileyy_69, @Rileyy_69 Everywhere”. I thought to myself “This is it, I’m going to rake in the likes, I’m basically the next Lee Evans”, but no… it got no likes or retweets what so ever. My ego was crushed. How i’m still coping today is a mystery to all.

In terms of new memes, i’m fans of them all! One of my favourites has to be the big bang theory paint memes. They’re the stupidest, most confusing memes going but they have in me in stitches, to the point where I have to take a breather. Just looking up a photo to put below this paragraph took the life out of me.

The fact it makes no sense just makes it funnier.

One of the places I get my daily meme fix is the Facebook page ‘Unexpected Memes’. They post memes daily and is definitely an inspiration into what our Facebook page could look like if we carried on the group after the project has finished, something I would be potentially interested in.

I feel for ya bro
I feel for ya bro

The History of Memes (or Memestory as I like to call it)

As we’re focusing on memes in the group work we are creating, I thought i’d take some time out to tell you about the history of memes, and how the meaning of the word meme has changed over time.

I remember when I was in year 8 and I saw someone on social media talking about memes. I hadn’t a clue what they were on about, and it turns out I wasn’t even pronouncing it right (please, if you say “me-me” instead of “meem” evaluate why you believe you should still be on this planet). ANYHOW after I learnt what they were, I became OBSESSED with them. You could go on any of my old phones and the galleries within them will be FULL of memes I saved onto my phone for later use. It got to the point where I even used strawberry laces to make the ‘forever alone’ guy face…

It was 2012 guys pls let me off!!!
It was 2012 guys pls let me off!!!

I’m sure to most people if you mentioned the word ‘meme’ the famous images with top and bottom bold white text will come to mind.

All those nights I spent laughing my head off at really high guy memes, brings back good memories.

But in modern 2016 world, the word ‘meme’ has taken on a whole new meaning. Now a ‘meme’ can refer to anything that is remotely funny. Social networks like Reddit and Tumblr have altered the phrase beyond recognition, and have gave the word some sad and slightly upsetting undertones when using memes to mock certain events or disabilities.

In 2016, memes are completely different. One of the most famous memes nowadays is ‘Pepe the Frog’, a crudely drawn cartoon frog that has some crazy expressions. In contrast to the past memes, these pictures have no text, but straight away most of us will draw humour from the picture regardless, which I suppose at the end of the day is quite a good thing!

Here’s the loveable Pepe is his normal form
This is cool Pepe (just look at those glasses, what a lad)
This is Pepe drawn in the style of Ainsley Harriott… I think that’s enough internet for today thank you.

In the group project we will be focusing more on the ‘new’ style of memes in order to stay ‘current’ and have more of a chance of students and individuals like us wanting to participate in the events we shall hold in the future.

Meme-ing Into Action

We’ve found our theme, we’ve made our team, now it’s time to meme!

As you would have seen in the last blog post, the group work task for the Tech1002 module is coming along well as we have finally found a suitable idea: memes. Now what we really need to do is get our name out there, tell the social media circus that we’re here and ready to meme!!!

The first thing that was created was a Facebook page called ‘See the meme, be the meme, make the meme’. All three of us in the group are admins of the page and are able to post anything we want. The idea of the page is for us to share any memes we find on Facebook to create a collection for people to look at. It’s also going to be used to tell people about the events we’re holding when we get round to organising one.

Come and view our wonderful meme collection
Come and view our wonderful meme collection.

We also created a twitter account. We made it for the same reason as the Facebook page, but I see it as more of a vital network for us as memes are somewhat more prevalent with the weak ties you find on Twitter than in comparison to my friends I have on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 01.19.58
13 followers watch out world we’re coming to get ya

We have also finalised a group logo (as you can see from the two print screens.) Oli spent a good hour creating this image, that shows the famous meme pepe’s head on princess peach’s body with a surrounding meme heart tattoo on the side… I’m just as confused as you are don’t worry!

We’re finally getting somewhere guys, we’re doing it!!!

The Final Decision

Okay so in the last post you would remember that we are now doing a group project in our Tech1002 module. The idea for the group task should be something original and exciting, something my brain just could not handle… UNTIL IT HIT US.

Memes. Yeah that’s right, you heard me, memes. In my opinion, one of the best things to come out of the internet world. Why don’t we create a group that focuses around something that couldn’t be more linked to the social media theme???

A selfie of me after we finally decided on an idea

Although we had the theme sorted, we then had to decide how we would use memes in order to create some sort of event. The first idea we had (and, to be honest, our only idea) was to hold a meme making night, in which people would meet and discuss and create memes, so that’s what we are going to plan and do!

Oh, and to add some even better news to the mix, we found a new member! His name is Ethan and he loves dank memes just as much as the next guy, a love of memes so hard that it’s inevitable that he will do well in this group.

Ethan has joined our group to make it even stronger. Please do not confuse this picture with the term couples use nowadays to announce they are pregnant, Ethan is in no way our child.

The next thing we have to do is make our social media presence, letting the world know about what a memey experience they can have if they come to one of our events!


Now the first set of blogging is out of the way, it is time to move on to the group project! As part of the Tech1002 module, students have to split themselves into groups in which they will create a theme which will influence their future blog posts and links to social media platforms.

Ask anyone i’ve worked with in the past, and I mean ANYONE, and they will tell you I do not work well in a group. I don’t mean it but sometimes I just like to do my own thing. Another shocker of the week is that i’m really lazy, something that has become increasingly worse since starting uni. But I’m going to leave that all behind me and not let my team down! (Video below is a cartoon representation of myself if I don’t stop being a lazy bugger!)

The first person to join my group was my friend Oli, and we were stumped for ideas! One of the reasons we made friends was our love for the American cartoon series ‘The Simpsons’, which I have blogged about a lot in the past. We thought about creating a group that involves a bunch of friends meeting up together and watching Simpsons episodes together, but we felt this was a bit too similar to one of the other groups in the class who were watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S instead! We sat and thought for ages but couldn’t think of a single good idea, hopefully in the future we’ll find a good idea somewhere… and more group members!

Accurate representation of the facial expressions me and Oli had when trying to think of a good group idea